Die alten Maschinen


1. Der Plan 3:08
2. Galvanized 2:38
3. Girl with the Iron Nose 3:52
4. Spark in the Dark 3:34
5. Albatross 3:30
6. Living Machines 3:32
7. Nickle in Pickle 3:39
8. Search the Moon Over 2:54
9. Old Tin Can 3:29
10. Freddie's Always Ready 3:30
11. We Need Oil 4:51


The good old machines are back with their brand new CD 'Change' and they made sure that they're just as good as oiled robots again. The new album from this robopop band is telling romantic sci-fi stories about robots. So it's well worth listening to the lyrics carefully! 

What does make this album so unique? 

Unconditionally the international cooperation among the duo Moimir Papalecsu & Leon Stevenson, which took care of all of the music and lyrics. The great illustrator Adolf Lachman was responsible for the magnific artwork of this new record.  

Music & Lyrics: Moimir Papalescu & Leon Stevenson

Die alten Maschinen are:
Leon Stevenson: Lead Vocals, Synthesizers, Loops & Samples, Guitar
Moimir Papalescu: Synthesizers, Drums & Percussions, Theremin, Vocoder
Tuzex Christ - Guitar in "Der Plan", "Girl With The Iron Nose", "Search The Moon Over" & "Nickle In Pickle"
Nikita Boy - Bass Guitar
Jan Maxa - Bass Guitar
Mixed, Produced, & Mastered by Moimir @ Analogue Voodoo Studio
Artwork: Adolf Lachman
Typo & Design: Zdeněk Trinkewitz
Thanks to Pavel Neumann
Special Thanks: Gerald V. Casale


  • Label: X Production
  • Released: 1.11. 2014
  • Product type: CD
  • Catalogue number: XP083

Jay Diesel

Je to jen tvůj boj feat. dj wich

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