The Stylists
Passion Is A Fashion


1. Step by Step 4:01
2. Station To Station 3:06
3. Don't Kid Yourself 3:24
4. The Symbol 3:57
5. Juice 3:29
6. Ecstasy 3:20
7. Passion is a Fashion 4:25
8. Tokyo Night 3:33
9. Fashion Pack 3:32
10. Talking 3:42
11. Who Is In... 1:52
12. The Symbol - Steve Morell remix 4:54
13. Station To Station Digital Amadeus remix 3:17


Finaly a band with the style ... The Stylists ... unique retro/electro/synth/pop is breaking conventions about new and modern music giving us an different view on retro style. Retro does not mean old!

Moimir Papalescu on synthkeys, Peter van Krbetz on saxophone and a magical voice of Tonya Graves will make you Passion about Fashion!


  • Label: X Production
  • Released: 2009
  • Product type: CD
  • Catalogue number: XP 043

Jay Diesel

Je to jen tvůj boj feat. dj wich

X Production's tip

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