Lakeside X
Exit: NOWhere


1. Sway 5:13
2. Anywhere 4:07
3. 17 4:50
4. Tell Me You Understand Me 5:49
5. Wasted 4:41
6. Nicotine 4:31
7. Do You Believe 5:01
8. White Line 5:33
9. Spiral 6:20
10. Ultraviolet 5:09


2 years past from release of lakeside X debut album Sunrise. Now indie-electronic formation Lakeside X is back to the scene with album "EXIT:Nowhere" taking big step further. 2 years full of gigs, new guitar player, new drummer had a hearable impact on the new record. Eletro-Guitar sound got deeper and harder, new album is faster more rough, there is not that Sunrise romantic anymore and we got more irony and sensuality.



Pavel Zelinka [] 8/10
Hitovky Sway nebo Nicotine se koupou v převaze kousků ve středním tempu s pár baladičkami, kde na povrch vypluje synthypopový základ družiny. Ostudu nedělá ani Janneho lehce nahalený zpěv s dobrou anglickou výslovností a frázováním.


  • Label: X Production
  • Released: 2007
  • Product type: CD
  • EAN: 8594056290291
  • Catalogue number: XP 029


Jay Diesel

Je to jen tvůj boj feat. dj wich

X Production's tip

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