Zapal dům poraž strom


1. Božská Komedie 2:49
2. Ať shoří v pekle všechny kapely světa! 4:18
3. Nejsvětější Trojice 3:04
4. Píšu Ti Švabachem 3:44
5. Sfoukni Za Mě Svíci 3:33
6. Bioprodukt Podsvětí 3:28
7. Až Se To Tu Otočí 3:43
8. Základy Zla 4:02
9. Polevil Jsem V Modlitbách 3:51
10. Démoni Jsou Mezi Námi 3:25
11. Ďábel Pode Mnou 4:02
12. Neprojdou! 3:34


Is this the Divine Comedy? Heavy guitar riffs, catchy keys, sarcastic lyrics... eighth studio album by INSANIA

From the aspects of music, this record follows the band's previous albums 'Rock’n’Freud' and 'Kult hyeny', they're lyrics are full of sarcasm („Jesus loves you, but we love you too!“).

"The booklet of this record includes a small techological revolution", stated the founder of the band Poly. "Via QR code (which you'll find on the CD/LP) you can download an application 'Insania' for your smartphone. With the help of this app you're able to decode the hidden content of an evil world. It's an unique brand-new app, which is used only in this album's booklet. We'll continue to develop the hidden content and its options. It's a matter of time when some more dark things will appear in it. With this option we'll be making our previous albums alive as well.", said Poly. 


  • Label: Redblack
  • Released: 22.11.2013
  • Product type: CD
  • EAN: 8594056290802
  • Catalogue number: XP080


Jay Diesel

Je to jen tvůj boj feat. dj wich

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