No Distance Paradise
Challenge Gravity


1. See the light 4:13
2. Don't stay awake 3:40
3. Downtown girl 3:23
4. Hands full of water 4:13
5. Real time 2:59
6. Are you ready 3:19
7. This road 3:22
8. Stonehenge 3:32
9. Every single day 3:54
10. Leaves on the ground 5:27


No Distance Paradise is a young band from Olomouc playing indie-rock. They released a full-length album 'Challange Gravity' after five years. The writing process of this record has taken almost two years and the band has been working on it with some familiar names from Czech Republic. Challenge Gravity was released on April 19th, 2013. On the record participated the guitar player of Sunshine Jiří Kouba and Dušan Neuwerth, who's done arrangement, vocals and the final mix. 
The product designer Linda Vránová was responsible for the concept of the brilliant cover, which is truly an icing on the cake.


  • Label: X Production
  • Released: 24.4.2013
  • Product type: CD
  • Catalogue number: XP 077


Jay Diesel

Je to jen tvůj boj feat. dj wich

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