Krásný ztráty


1. Intro (feat. 1210Symphony) 1:19
2. Třetí Album (feat. Dj Maztah) 2:35
3. Šalingrad (feat. Morelo, Maniak, Katr & Apoka) 4:32
4. Zvedni pěst! (feat. Jay Diesel, DJ Opia) 3:04
5. Krásný Ztráty 3:53
6. Letíme Pryč (feat. Morelo) 3:18
7. Karel 3:07
8. Kocovina (feat. Rest & Idea) 3:45
9. Stejně Jako Ty 2:47
10. Lauf (feat. Kitty Kat) 3:11
11. Je třeba zabít Tafroba 3:10
12. Budoucnost (feat. Radikal, Delik) 3:33
13. Karma (feat.Emdee, Cmonts, Nironic) 4:26
14. Anděl 3:27
15. Říkají 3:38


On this record participated producers like Wich, Dtonate, Opia, Emeres, Billy Hollywood who are responsible for the music production, which turned out very well. Some familiar names like Delik, Radikal, Nironic, Cmonts, Emdee, Jay Diesel, Apoka from the legendary band Naše věc were involved in this project as well. Besides, a very special guest appears on one of several tracks, her name is MC-Kitty Kat (ex Aggro Berlin) and she's considered as a german top female. This record includes a lot of wordcuts by 1210Symphony (DJ Diskotek, DJ Chocolatic), DJ Opia and DJ Maztah.


1) Intro [Dubas] /scratching 1210Symphony
2) Třetí album [Wich] /scratching DJ Maztah
3) Šalingrad [Opia] feat. Morelo, Katr, Maniak, Apoka /scratching 1210Symphony
4) Zvedni pěst! [Opia] feat. Jay Diesel / scratching DJ Opia
5) Krásný ztráty [Dubas]
6) Letíme pryč [ODD] feat. Morelo
7) Karel [Maztah]
8) Kocovina [Inphy] feat. Rest, Idea
9) Stejně jako ty [ODD]
10) Lauf [Kenny Rough] feat. Kitty Kat
11) Je třeba zabít Tafroba [Emeres]
12) Budoucnost [Wich] feat. Radikal, Delik/scratching 1210Symphony
13) Karma [Billy Hollywood] feat. Emdee, Cmonts, Nironic
14) Anděl [Dtonate]
15) Říkají [Emeres]



  • Label: X Production
  • Released: 12.2.2013
  • Product type: CD
  • EAN: 8594056290734
  • Catalogue number: XP 073


Jay Diesel

Je to jen tvůj boj feat. dj wich

X Production's tip

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