Gerda Blank


1. Taut 3:16
2. Take My Body 4:35
3. Half-Life 4:00
4. The Living Light 5:25
5. 05 (unlisted track) 0:38
6. 100 Chanels 7:27
7. Numbers 5:10
8. 08 (unlisted track) 0:26
9. Black Is The New Black 5:01
10. Blizzard 4:37
11. Dry Bones 5:14
12. Blokk 5:15


... the world is a Strange place, full of unlikely things. Things change, evolve, devolve. GERDA BLANK were born in New Zealand. They live in Europe (Brno). Why? Don't ask them, they don't know. But happenstance has a lot to do with it. Unlikely things. Serendipity. Rhys(NZ) and Stuart(UK) play a kind of noise-rock. What kind? Don't ask them. They don't know.(Why should they?) Rhys might tell you its rooted in kiwi DIY, Flying Nun, post-punk Kraut blah blah. Stu might say post-hardcore, pre-ragged groove blah blah. Whatever it's called, it's good. Good clean fun. But don't ask them.

Things keep changing, evolving, springing off in odd directions. Live, GB are a high wire act at times. Will it hang together? Will they land? Have they landed? After 3 years of touring around Europe audiences are starting to get it. So. A new album. Their second album, NUMBERS. 10 songs. 10 blasts. It's funny how things happen. Unlikely things. Recorded in Prague at Faust Studios with Alex Limburg and Derek Saxenmeyer. From the Basement of Hell there evolved tracks that would end up on NUMBERS. 10 songs. 10 invisible hands fighting the unknown. 10 ways to skin a cat.


  • Label: X Production
  • Released: 29. 2. 2012
  • Product type: CD
  • EAN: 8594056290673
  • Catalogue number: XP067

Jay Diesel

Je to jen tvůj boj feat. dj wich

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