1. Chrysanth
2. The Sun Is Near Me
3. Burly Elk Song
4. They Are Coming From Eggs
5. Onyx (O.N.Y.X.)
6. Projektor Part I - Déja Vu
7. Projektor Part II - The Return Of Déja Vu
8. Do It Into My Hot Cup
9. Silver Speaker
10. Black & White TV - Music From The Respirium
11. Film Noir
12. Where Birds Are Silent
13. Elegy For The Unnecessarily Dead Poets
14. There´s No Way Back
15. Download extra bonus tracks for free HERE


The music itself can evoke (or project) emotions, memories and stories – and it can send us on a journey to the land of fantasy. This is the main idea of the fourth Magnetik album Projektor, which has the subtitle „Music Is Fantasy“.

The unmistakable musical feature of the album is the contribution of the new band member, the young multi-instrumentalist Mitsuko. Her musical presence turned some of the compositions into real, positive songs. “Composing for this album was a very welcome change after the massacre connected with the new release of Vanessa. If you compare Projektor with Ave Agony, they're complete opposites,” says Moimir Papalescu.

The symbol of the album is the unique and famous Karl Zeiss star projector, which towers above the band like some monstrous cosmic deity. With an apparatus like that we can, in no time at all, start travelling through star formations and galaxies right into the vast depths of the universe.

The recording process used an analogue tape and the main instrument was the classic Moog synthesizer. That is why the album's sound is strictly analogue in comparison to the previous records. The visual part of the album has again been taken care of by photographer Václav Jirásek and designer Morten.

Projektor was released as a part of the June issue of the magazine Živel and in September 1Oth it will be released by X Production. Registered users are able to download special bonus tracks for free. Register HERE. One of the extra tracks will feature the voice of Slovak singer Kristina Chrastekova, who is, together with Moimir Papalescu and Petr Van Krbetz, taking part in a 2011 project Dioda Boy.


  • Label: X Production
  • Released: 10. 9. 2010
  • Product type: CD
  • Catalogue number: XP 055

Jay Diesel

Je to jen tvůj boj feat. dj wich

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