1. No Love to Scorch 5:59
2. MMX AD 5:47
3. Transocean 4:41
4. The First Dream
5. Execution
6. Slurred
7. Katla
8. Earthlinked




The constant comparison with bands such as Isis or Neurosis is not out of place. FDK is one of the few Czech hardcore bands in this genre capable of facing international competition. They are exceptional because their music is evocative and has the ability to tear listeners down at the first encounter. The density of the guitar walls, emotive vocals and soothing post-rock moments are the right reasons to re-experience their music.

While on the post-rock side of the new album "Earthlinked" the elevation rises, the hardcore base gives it a rugged touch. The suggestiveness of the massive sound walls is substantial with heavy guitar riffs, but also with its subtle melodic lines. This album, as well as the previous one "Borderline" can be insistent but ethereal and cathartic too.

The band is extremely strong live, as Guitarist Vanja says: "We're playing the entire concert and not individual songs."

The album "Earthlinked" is out at Redblack/X Production on September 1st 2010.


  • Label: Redblack
  • Released: 1. 9. 2010
  • Product type: CD
  • Catalogue number: MRB 046

Discography :

Jay Diesel

Je to jen tvůj boj feat. dj wich

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